Curious About Prescription Drugs In Drinking Water

It’s a staggering number when you consider more than 40 billion prescriptions are written in this country every year. The problem is that about a…


New York Yankees v Boston Red Sox

Curious What Worker Along Mass Pike Does

Drive west on the Mass Pike and you might notice a man sitting under a beach umbrella in Weston. Rich Declared his Curiosity asking, “Is this one guy…


Ed Jovanovski, Nathan Horton

Q&A On Water Use In Your Home

You have Declared Your Curiosity about what you can and cannot do during the MWRA Water Emergency. Here are some answers according to the…


Gregory Campbell, Sami Lepisto

Curious About Water Bill Discounts After Emergency

A boil-water order was lifted early Tuesday morning for two million customers in the Boston area, after tests showed the water is safe for drinking….


WBZ Morning Headlines 8/27/10

Another leak from the same MWRA pipe that burst in Weston last May.  Details on this and more top morning stories on WBZ.


New leak near site of May water main break

Workers with the Massachusetts Water Resources Authority are investigating an apparent underground water leak near the site of May’s massive water main break.


MWRA repairs underway on damaged main

Work is underway in Weston on the Massachusetts Water Resources Authority water main that ruptured this Spring. 


Pipe join from May water break is removed for test

State crews have dug out one half of a massive coupling blamed for a May 1 water main break that forced two million Boston-area residents to boil their drinking water.


Coupling involved in water main break found

The massive coupling blamed for the May 1 water main break that forced 2 million Boston-area residents to boil their drinking water was located Thursday in the excavation adjacent to the pipe.