Jay Talking: Dream CarIf money were no object, and you could have any car you want for free, which car would you choose?
Jay Talking: High Speed Foliage RunTime-Lapse Leaf Hunting In A Cool Car. Original Soundtrack
Bradley Jay: 'Muscle Car Foliage Ride. Buckle Up!'Click play to join us as we blast up to the North Country in one of the coolest cars on the road today.
Ford Launches New 2015 MustangCeremonial first 2015 Mustang rolls off the assembly line at Ford.
May Car Sales Return To Pre-Recession LevelsGood weather and a strong Memorial Day weekend helped car buyers ignore reports of recalls, pushing car and truck sales up more than ten percent in May.
Ford To Offer 50th Anniversary MustangFord is building a limited-edition Mustang GT to honor the pony car's 50th anniversary. It is showing the Limited Edition at the New York auto show, which begins this week.
Sheriff's Deputy Killed In Motorcycle Crash On I-95 In SharonA sheriff’s deputy was killed in a motorcycle crash on Interstate 95 during rush hour Tuesday morning.
Driver Crashes Into MetroWest Medical Center In NatickA driver crashed into Leonard Morse Hospital in Natick Thursday afternoon.