Anti-Muslim Letter Targets Man Running For Shrewsbury SelectmanPolice are investigating an anti-Muslim letter targeting a man running for selectman in Shrewsbury.
Detainee Released After Federal Judge Grants Stay On Trump's Immigration FreezeHamed Hosseini Bay was reunited with his family after being questioned on his way home from his native Iran.
Gov. Baker: No Religious Tests For Nation's Refugee SystemGov. Charlie Baker is opposed to religious tests for the nation's refugee system.
Keller @ Large: Donald Trump's Proposed Muslim Ban Is Un-AmericanJon Keller says Donald Trump's proposed ban of Muslims entering the country is illegal - and un-American too.
Advocacy Groups To Host Muslim Day On The Hill In BostonThe event on Thursday will give Muslim voters an opportunity to meet their state legislators.
Israel: Shouted Down In The Muslim QuarterA group of Muslim women see me and decide to make a statement...Loudly!
Marathon Bombing Suspect's MMA Instructor: Not The Guy I Used To KnowTamerlan Tsarnaev was a very talented boxer, according to friends.
Marathon Bombing Suspect: 'I Don't Have A Single American Friend'Tamerlan Tsarnaev, a Boston Marathon bombing suspect who was killed early Friday, once described himself as not having a single American friend and aspired to be a U.S. Olympic boxer.
NightSide - Catholic University President John Garvey Joins Dan Rea To Discuss Muslim Students At His SchoolCatholic University President John Garvey
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Do You Get Nervous When You See Persons In Muslim Style Dress Getting On A PlaneBradley Jay asks WBZ listeners if they can honestly say they it is not concern for them.
WBZ’s Bradley Jay Asks “Which Is More Important, Safety Or Political Correctness?”A Muslim Caller To WBZ Defends Muslim Moderates.