Holiday Gifting: A Tight BudgetChristmas can happen even on a tight budget. If you don’t have much money to spend then you will need to spend your time.
Holiday Gifting: How To SaveCan you really save on Christmas spending? Start by eliminating some folks from your list.
Holiday Gifting: The Nice ListI am always surprised at how many folks are already done with their Christmas shopping. So this is for the rest of us.
Holiday Gifting: BudgetingIt always surprises me when I first see the Christmas displays in October. I think they come out earlier each year.
Everyone Needs A Financial Plan: Step 5 - Protecting People & AssetsStep 5 is the CYA part of your financial plan. Cover Your Assets!
Everyone Needs A Financial Plan: Step 4 - Managing Life’s ObstaclesLife is full of obstacles to your financial success, but having a financial plan, proper insurance, and some savings for an emergency will help you manage anything that life throws at you.
Everyone Needs A Financial Plan: Step 3 - Saving & InvestingStep 3 of your financial plan is saving and investing to reach your goals.
Everyone Needs A Financial Plan: Step 2 - What Have You Got?You will need to generate a net worth statement to figure out what you got and then do a cash flow to figure how and where you are spending your money.
Everyone Needs A Financial Plan: Step 1 - Setting GoalsAccording to a survey, 71% of Americans expressed regrets about their ability to manage money.
Paying For College: 529 PlansCollege is expensive. And many wonder if it is worth the cost.
Paying For College: The Hidden CostsColleges post the cost of tuition, room and board and the miscellaneous fees but these are not the only expenses you will need to plan for.
Paying For College: Who Should Pay For College?Who should pay for college? I wish I had a definitive answer!