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Eight Winter Must-Have Items In Boston

It’s possible to be happy here even in extreme weather conditions – you just have to prepare. Here are eight items you need to have in order to combat the Boston winter’s attempt to put your happiness in a headlock.

CBS Boston–01/24/2012

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Style It Up: A Fab Outfit For Under $50

Fashion expert Michelle McCormack shows you how easy it can be to put together an entire outfit for under $50 bucks.


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Music Lessons In Boston, A Guide

Boston’s rich music scene has a side benefit – a plethora of music lessons available ranging from college level commitment to the hourly private lesson.


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5 Best Places To Have A Grown-Up Birthday Party

Here are the top 5 places in Boston where your friends can break their word and throw you a birthday party you say you don’t want.

CBS Boston–09/15/2011

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Best Places To Grab A Slice Late Night

Secret Boston’s young urbanites dish on their favorite spots to grab a slice of late-night pizza.

CBS Boston–09/01/2011

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NYC, LA, London, Paris … Boston! Fashion’s Newest And Trendiest City

Something is a buzz in Boston; it’s electric and exciting and has nothing to do with the Red Sox, the Bruins or anything involving pushing and shoving.

CBS Boston–08/02/2011

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Hats Are Back In Boston

Take a second and Google any 20th century Presidents, pre-JFK, and you’ll see they’re almost always wearing a hat.

CBS Boston–07/19/2011

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A Book For Those Who Really Love Boston’s Dive Bars

Michelle McCormack talks to the author of a book about Boston’s best dive bars.


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3 Reasons ‘STA’ Is Best Consignment Shop In Boston

On Newbury Street sits Second Time Around, the favorite consignment store of the town’s cash-conscious fashion set.

CBS Boston–05/31/2011