Danielle Niles and David Robichaud (and his green sneakers) demonstrate how green clothes disappear on a green screen. (WBZ-TV)

Why You Can’t Wear Green On The Green Screen

WBZ’s Danielle Niles and David Robichaud demonstrate why you can’t wear green while doing a weather forecast.


Declan with WBZ-TV's Todd Gutner. (WBZ-TV)

10-Year-Old Helps WBZ’s Todd Gutner With Weather Forecast

A 10-year-old boy from Lowell got his big break in the TV business Thursday morning.


Meteorologist Barry Burbank gives the forecast on his first day at WBZ-TV in 1978.

Barry Burbank Celebrates 35 Years At WBZ-TV

He is, of course, a brilliant meteorologist, one of the best in the country, no doubt. But Barry’s true strength lies as a friend, a husband and a father.


Hurricane forecast

WBZ’s Ed Walsh talks with meteorologist Paul Druniak about the chances of a major hurricane hitting New England.