Bottle Released By Woods Hole Scientist In 1956 Turns Up Off Nova Scotia A glass bottle released by a Woods Hole oceanographer in 1956 has been found off Nova Scotia.
Mattapoisett Woman's Message In A Bottle Washes Up In NorwayA message in a bottle, thrown into the Gulf Stream by a Mattapoisett woman more than two years ago, washed up on a beach in Norway this summer after a voyage of more than 3,700 miles.
WBZ Watercooler: Message In A BottleAt the WBZ Water Cooler this week: A message in a bottle tossed into the ocean off the coast of New Hampshire more than a half-century ago has been found in the Caribbean.
Message In A Bottle Returned To NH Motel After Decades At SeaA message in a bottle traveled thousands of miles and as many as 50 years before finding its way back to the author’s daughter.