Mel Gibson

Toucher and Rich Recap: 7/27/2010

Hour 1: Baseball talk- J.T. the Brick calls out people who don’t go to games. Male Bag- Rajon Rondo talks about the “Three Kings.” There will probably be a new porno coming out called “Conception,” […]


T&R Podcast: 7/23 Hour 3

On this hour of Toucher & Rich, Rich Goes to the Movies, testing for performance enhancing drugs and a new game called “Mel Gibson or Gary Tanguay.”


Toucher and Rich Recap: 7/22/2010

Hour 1: Fred is out because Milo had a fever. Red Sox talk-Buchholz is rusty and no one cares about the Red Sox right now. Football at Fenway- Rich and Wallach talk about the soccer […]


T&R Podcast: 7/22 Hour 4

On this hour of Toucher & Rich, Jon and Rich discuss the Patriots, Fred calls in, another Mel Gibson tape and you listened now discuss.


Toucher and Rich Recap: 7/16/2010 –

Hour 1: Technical difficulties- Fred and Rich are having headphone problems, especially Fred.  He is hearing traffic reports or something. The guys tinker with that for a while. John Daly- He is wearing some whacky […]


Toucher and Rich Recap: 7/15/2010

Hour 1: Freddy’s back! What kind of name is Zoey? While DA was taking over for him, he had fun Googling clothed women. Male Bag- Does anyone care about the All-Star game? Apparently not since […]


T&R Podcast: 7/15 Hour 3

On this hour of Toucher & Rich more of Fred’s parents, plus Bubbie comes into town and the moves before the MLB trading deadline and Mel Gibson tape number 4 is released.


Mel Gibson vs. Christian Bale

Christian Bale and Mel Gibson have a mild disagreement on the phone.


Toucher and Rich Recap: 7/14/2010

Hour 1: Intro-Fred comes back tomorrow, and apparently has a bunch of stories building up.  This is good news for Rich and Wallach, because this is the slowest time of the year for sports. Other […]


T&R Podcast: 7/14 Hour 2

In hour 2 the guys take a listen to the newest Mel Gibson audio and many listeners call in with their takes. They also chat about what move the Red Sox could make heading toward […]