Curious About Different Meals Tax ChargesWhy is it when I go to McDonalds and get the same meal on different days the tax is different but the price is the same? McDouble $1 Sm fries $1 Sm drink $1. $3 total. Tax is either .19 or.21 for $3.19 or $3.21 Same meal, different tax. -Chris, Winthrop
Curious About Tax on Water?Recently I was charged sales tax for a bottle of water at Logan Airport. When I stated there is no sales tax in Mass. on water I was told "but there is one here at the airport!" - Marcia, Methuen
Lawmakers Propose Meals Tax HolidayLegislation filed on Beacon Hill would suspend for one week the state's 6.25 percent tax on food purchased at restaurants in Massachusetts.
Curious About Town Meals TaxI was recently at the mall and got my daughters a Smoothie. While waiting I was reading the menu. It stated the Mass. state meals tax and also a meals tax from the town. Can individual towns put additional taxes on products? - Michelle, Tewksbury