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State Tosses Out More Of Somerset School’s MCAS Scores

State education officials have invalidated every MCAS test taken last year by students at a Somerset elementary school after finding evidence of cheating.


Teacher Evaluations May Soon Include Student MCAS Scores

Student performance is often judged by MCAS scores, and soon, teachers might be judged that way as well.


State Tosses Somerset Elementary School’s MCAS Testing Results

The state is throwing out another school’s MCAS results because of questions over cheating.


MCAS Irregularities Found In Boston’s Blackstone Elementary

Boston and state education officials say an eight-month inquiry has found testing irregularities on MCAS mathematics tests at a Boston elementary school.


Education Officials Investigate Somerset MCAS Scores

State education officials are investigating a dramatic jump in MCAS performance by students at a Somerset elementary school.


Curious About MCAS Dates & Snow Days

I am curious if the State is considering pushing back MCAS testing dates due to the number of snow days this winter and the missed classroom time that has resulted? – Josh, Orleans


How Much Is Free Tuition Worth?

The cost of college these days is staggering. However, here in Massachusetts if your child gets a great score on the MCAS exam they can get free tuition at a state school.


State touts latest MCAS results

State officials say there have been strong improvements on the 2010 MCAS scores.


Leaving the MCAS Behind (7/22/2010)

 Lt. Governor Tim Murray is arguing to remove the MCAS in favor of a federal program to boost education standards


Reading the Morning Paper

     I’m pretty sure my last posting (July 17) says about all you need to know about my thoughts regarding public education.  As good as Massachusetts is in the overall rankings (#1 by many standards) […]





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