MBTA Service Cuts

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Gov. Patrick: MBTA Raised Fares To Avoid “Drastic” Cuts

Gov. Deval Patrick says he supports a plan by the MBTA to raise fares while avoiding what he calls “drastic” cuts in service on the Boston-area transit system.


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Hearings To End Monday On Proposed MBTA Fare Hikes

The debate over proposed MBTA fare hikes and service cuts is about to enter a new phase.


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Boston Hospitals Worried About MBTA Service Cuts

Cuts in T services could really hurt businesses that are always open – such as hospitals.


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MBTA Advisory Board Recommends Lower Fare Hikes

An MBTA advisory board has suggested limiting proposed fare hikes to 25 percent and avoiding service cuts by having other state agencies take over certain T functions.


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‘Occupy MBTA’ To Protest Proposed Fare Hikes, Service Cuts

Those sympathetic with the ‘Occupy’ movement plan to rally Monday against the MBTA’s plans to cut service and raise fares.