Matthew Fox

(credit: WBZ File Photo)

Free Friday Flicks – Despicable Me – July 22, 2011

The WBZ Kidcast Mobile Studio was at the dcr Hatch Shell for Free Friday Flicks on July 22nd!


John Krasinski (credit: GABRIEL BOUYS/AFP/Getty Images)

Bay State Stars Make People’s Sexiest Men Issue

Several stars with Massachusetts roots are among the sexy celebs featured in People Magazine’s annual hot hunks issue


The Lost Series Finale

The last episode of Lost aired last night some people didn’t like the ending, Fred was one of those people. Rich stood in defense of the show and thought that it wrapped up nicely.


Charles Widmore On The Last Episode Of Lost

Lost’s Alan Dale who plays Charles Widmore joins T&R with only 2 episodes left. Dale even has his own questions that he wants answered. They also talk about how the creators keep things from getting […]