Kalman: Neely, Jacobs In Win-Now Mode But Now Must Make Right Moves To Maintain GoodwillTwo years removed from missing the Stanley Cup playoffs for a second straight year, the Bruins have built themselves back up to a level of prominence where losing in the second round of the postseason is seen as a positive.
Bruins’ Best Bet This Offseason May Be To Keep Riding Youth MovementThere’s really no reason at this point to be scared of youth.
It’s Worth Believing Bruins’ Marchand Has Finally Seen The LightBrad Marchand has apologized before, only to go off the rails at a later date. Matt Kalman believes this time is different.
Debunking Myths Surrounding Bruins Since Their Game 5 Loss To LightningThere are a lot of myths floating around social media and sports radio concerning the Boston Bruins. Matt Kalman debunks those misconceptions.
Kalman: Bruins' Overreliance On Just One Line Brought Season To End Of The LineAt the top of that list of who to blame for the series loss was every forward not named Bergeron, Marchand or Pastrnak.
Kalman: Forget Licks And Missed Calls - Bruins Just Not Playing Well EnoughBrad Marchand's licking of opponents embarrasses his team and his organization, especially when he does it while an opponent is trying to get him to respond for a borderline low hit, writes Matt Kalman.
How David Backes Intends To Bounce Back From His ‘Worst Game Of The Playoffs’For brutal honesty, there’s no better player to go to than Bruins forward David Backes.
How Bruins’ Start To Second Period May Have Been Worse Than Their FirstAfter an initial push to start the second period, the Bruins never even came close to playing like the team that won 21 games in the regular season when allowing the first goal.
Kalman: Rask To Blame For Bruins’ Game 2 Loss -- If You Ignore Offense’s Awful NightSome will want to blame Tuukka Rask for the Bruins' Game 2 loss to the Lightning, but Matt Kalman puts it on Boston's forwards.
Kalman: Much-Criticized Rask, Rick Nash Put Haters To Shame in Bruins’ Game 1 WinAfter the Bruins’ 6-2 victory in Game 1 of their second-round series against Tampa Bay there should be a moratorium placed on any and all negative reviews of Rask and Nash.
Bruins’ Rookie Corps Overachieved In Face Of Every Challenge, From Opening Night Through Game 7 ComebackThe Bruins benefited from unprecedented contributions from rookies all year. Game 7 against Toronto was no different.
Kalman: Bruins’ Game 6 Loss To Toronto Looked Like A Julien TributeThe Bruins better hope their Claude Julien tributes are all out of their system by Wednesday night’s Game 7 back here at the Garden.