MASSPIRG Warning To Parents: Recalled Toys Still Available OnlineA consumer group is warning parents before they start their holiday shopping that some recalled toys are still being sold online or could already be in homes.
Activists Pushing Bill They Say Would Close Tax LoopholeThe activists are pushing a bill they say would tighten the tax code in Massachusetts.
New England Business: More Credit Card Complaints Being Resolved The number of complaints about credit card companies is growing, but more of those complaints are being resolved.
Survey: Many Banks Not Telling Whole Story On FeesA survey by MASSPIRG, the Massachusetts Public Interest Research Group, of 350 banks finds that almost a quarter of them refused to disclose their full list of charges and fees.
Curious Why Bottle Deposits Still ExistsSome people just don't like it; having to haul cans and bottles back to the store to collect deposits.