Massachusetts Legislature

Massachusetts State House. (Photo by Darren McCollester/Getty Images)

Mass. Legislature Rushing To Wrap Up Several Bills On Session’s Final Day

One of the most closely watched bills would overhaul the state’s gun laws and another would make changes to the state’s domestic violence laws.


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Mass. GOP Loses Ground On Beacon Hill

Massachusetts Republicans will hold even fewer seats in the state Legislature in the next two-year session.


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They Did It…..And Will Regret It….Snake Eyes!!!

Well kids……it happened. The Great and General Court of Massachusetts approved it, our ill-advised Governor signed it and now it’s happening. The corrupt Commonwealth of Massachusetts is all set to build some gambling casinos and at least one parlor….love that term “parlor’…for slot machines. No surprises here I guess.


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A Fool And His Money Are Soon Parted…..Very Soon!!

Lets see now… happy hours at any bars or restaurants in the state…..but…….BUT…..we’ll let casinos serve booze…all you can drink…for free, if you’re on the gaming floor blowing your money on slots or roulettes. cause and effect ya think?


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Step Right Up….Got Some Snake-Oil To Sell Ya !!

I see and hear the casino bill is continuing its trek through the hallowed halls of the Great and General Court, Commonwealth of Massachusetts. “You’re going to be sorry Massachusetts.”


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Make It Hard To Gamble And Even Harder To Vote

I’m hearing the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, the biggest bookmaker in the business since Whitey was forced to move, is now contemplating a plan to allow the gamblers to buy lottery tickets on-line. You’ve got to be kidding me!


Supporters want stalled Casino bill revived

WBZ’s Carl Stevens speaks with House Speaker Rober DeLeo about whether the stalled Casino bill can be revived.


Gov. wants lawmakers to go past session end

Gov. Deval Patrick wants state lawmakers to stay beyond Saturday’s official end of their current session to pass some of his top legislative priorities, but Senate President Therese Murray says lawmakers will not do so.


Lawmakers gear up for busy end of session

Several major pieces of legislation remain as state lawmakers enter the final week of this year’s formal session.  Bills still on the table include proposals on allowing casino gambling, streamlining the siting of wind power […]