Massachusetts Environmental Police

A 2.5-foot monitor lizard was found in a Yarmouth neighborhood. (Image Credit: Rick Nelson/Town of Yarmouth)

2.5-Foot Monitor Lizard Found Wandering Yarmouth Neighborhood

Massachusetts Environmental Police removed a 2.5-foot long Savannah monitor lizard that was found walking through a Yarmouth neighborhood.


A Timber Rattlesnake (Photo credit Mass. Division of Fisheries and Wildlife)

5-Foot Rattlesnake Found Outside Office Building Near Blue Hills

Environmental police officers safely relocated the venomous endangered snake.


A boater was arrested with 122 sea bass on Memorial Day. (Image Credit: Massachusetts Environmental Police)

Cape Cod Boater Charged With OUI, Illegally Catching Over 100 Fish

A Cape Cod boater was arrested on Memorial Day, charged with operating under the influence and catching an illegal number of sea bass.


Joe Comick, a former Mass Wildlife employee; Dick Turner of Mass Wildlife; and Carlston Wood, Wareham Animal Control Officer, tend to the injured bald eagle. (credit: Cyrus Moulton/Wareham Week)

$2,500 Reward In Bald Eagle Shooting

A bald eagle was found shot in Onset on November 2, and now officials are offering a reward for finding the person who did it.