Elon Musk On First Mars Explorers: 'Good Chance You'll Die'While the tech mogul says humans must branch out into space, Musk admits the planet's first travelers to Mars may not make it back alive.
Budweiser Sets Sights On Being First Beer On MarsThe brewing giant is planning to launch a supply of barley, a core ingredient in beer, to the International Space Station on December 4.
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Daily Talker: Would You Take A One-Way Trip To Mars?Two scientists from Somerville are on the short list to take a one-way trip to Mars. The non-profit group "Mars One" is planning a human settlement on the red planet, and 200,000 people from around the world applied to make the trip. Scientific researcher Yari Rodriguez is one of the 700 finalists.
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MIT Grad Part Of Successful Curiosity Rover Landing On Mars"Touchdown confirmed," said engineer and MIT grad Allen Chen. "We're safe on Mars."
UMass geologist helping prepare for Mars missions