Prosecutors Disappointed With Split Verdict In Mark Kerrigan TrialThe not guilty verdict for manslaughter in Mark Kerrigan's trial was surely a disappointment for prosecutors, who pursued the case even though the Kerrigan family insisted Mark was innocent.
Jury Finds Mark Kerrigan Guilty Of Assault & Battery A jury found Mark Kerrigan not guilty of manslaughter Wednesday in the 2010 death of his father, but found him guilty on the lesser charge of assault and battery.
Kerrigan Trial Jury Deliberates For 2nd Day Without VerdictJurors in the Massachusetts manslaughter trial of Olympic skater Nancy Kerrigan's brother have finished their second day of deliberations without reaching a verdict.
Prosecutor: 'Angry, Mean, Nasty, Drunk' Son Killed Kerrigan's FatherA prosecutor in the manslaughter trial of Olympic skater Nancy Kerrigan's brother told the jury that an "angry, mean, nasty, drunk son" killed Kerrigan's father.
Brenda Kerrigan Tearfully Recounts Night Husband DiedNancy Kerrigan’s mother took the witness stand and broke down in tears at her son’s manslaughter trial Wednesday afternoon.
Cardiologist Testifies Neck Injury Caused Kerrigan's Heart AttackProsecutors are trying to prove that a fight, not a heart condition killed Nancy Kerrigan's father and that her brother is to blame.
Jury Hears Emotional 911 Call In Kerrigan TrialMonday was an emotional day in court for Nancy Kerrigan and her family as her brother Mark's trial got underway.
Trial Set To Begin For Nancy Kerrigan's BrotherProsecutors and defense lawyers are expected to give starkly different accounts of a fight between the brother and father of Olympic skater Nancy Kerrigan.
Nancy Kerrigan On Mark's Trial: 'I Love My Brother'Olympic figure skater Nancy Kerrigan expressed support for her brother as his manslaughter trial started.