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Marie Joseph

Marie Joseph's body was found in this Fall River pool June 28.

Fall River Pool Drained Nearly Three Weeks After Drowning

The pool has been closed since the body of 36-year-old Marie Joseph was found floating on the surface.


Marie Joseph's body was found in this Fall River pool June 28.

Inspectors Face Hearing Over Body In Fall River Pool

Two Massachusetts health inspectors are scheduled to go before a disciplinary board to explain why they didn’t shut down a public pool where a woman’s body may have gone unnoticed for more than two days.



Boy At Fall River Pool Says He Told Lifeguard ‘Someone Is Drowning’

The grandmother of a boy who went to the pool with Marie Joseph said he told lifeguards that “someone was drowning” and claims they did nothing.


Investigators said the pool was too cloudy when Marie Joseph drowned there last June.

DA: Fall River Pool So Murky, Couldn’t See Diver 4′ Underwater

Autopsy results are backing up the belief that a Fall River woman who drowned in a public pool, was in fact there for more than two days before anyone noticed.




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