Jeremy Lockett. (Photo courtesy: Mass. State Lottery)

Malden Couple Surprised By Scratch Ticket Prize

A good thing turned into something even better for Jeremy Lockett and his wife Rabina.


Fire broke out in a Malden home Christmas morning. (WBZ-TV)

Malden Families Displaced By Christmas Day Fire

The American Red Cross is helping some families forced out of their homes by an early morning fire.



Phantom Gourmet: Jack’s Ristorante In Malden

Jack Colangeli transforms from a Malden Firefighter, to the owner of Jack’s Ristorante.


A still image from the surveillance video moments after the fall. (Image courtesy: MBTA)

Man Who Fell Onto North Station Tracks Wants To Thank Rescuers

A man who fell onto the tracks in North Station late Wednesday night and was rescued by a group of strangers wants to thank them.


Police say two men wearing hoods killed a skateboard shop owner.

Police Determined To Solve Murder Of Malden Veteran

Two men were caught on surveillance in January moments before the shooting of Shawn Clark, a father of two.


Christopher Plowman was struck by lightning in front of his Malden home. (CBS)

Malden Man Has Close Call With Lightning Strike

Thunderstorms late Wednesday night woke many people up in Eastern Massachusetts but they also almost killed a man.


Jim Duggan says he drove the marathon bombing suspects in his cab.

Malden Cab Driver Recalls Chilling Ride With Bombing Suspects

A cab driver says he almost drove away with one of the suspect’s backpacks in his trunk.


Marijuana (Photo credit PABLO PORCIUNCULA/AFP/Getty Images)

More Than 2,000 Pounds Of Marijuana Seized After Traffic Stop In Everett

An Arizona man was arrested Friday after a State trooper found 2,000 pounds of marijuana in the Ryder truck he was driving.


Dirty snow has lingered in several areas for weeks.

Malden Plays April Fools’ Day Prank On Residents

The city of Malden announced a new plan Monday to combat dirt laden snow banks and unsightly piles of snow.


(photo from Facebook)

Jewish Collector To Put Vintage Anti-Semitic Postcards On Display

In the turn-of-the-century postcard, the big-nosed man with a bushy moustache gazes at needy customers from behind a counter that bears the sign: “Money to loan at only 10 per cent a month.”