Archaeological Dig Set To Resume At Malcolm X Home In BostonResearchers are returning to the boyhood home of slain civil rights leader Malcolm X to resume an archaeological dig.
Dig At Malcolm X's Former Roxbury Home Turns Up Evidence Of 1700s SettlementAn archaeological dig at the boyhood home of Malcolm X in Boston has turned up some surprising findings, but not necessarily related to the early life of the slain civil rights activist.
Archaeologists Hunt For History At Malcolm X's Roxbury HomeArchaeologists from the Boston Landmark Commission are hoping to find personal items.
Boston To Launch Archaeological Dig At Former Malcolm X HomeOn Tuesday the city will launch a probe into a more recent patch of history at the former home of civil rights leader Malcolm X in the city's Roxbury neighborhood.
Opinion: Obama’s Biggest Failure Has Been On Race RelationsUnfortunately, political poll after political poll reveals that the presidential election of 2012 has much to do – in fact, more to do – with the race of the presidential candidate than most anything else.
Malcolm X's Roxbury Home Named As Endangered Historic PlaceThe Malcolm X Ella Little Collins House will be named as one of America’s 11 Most Endangered Historic Places of 2012.