Low-Pressure Area

Joe Joyce

Major Storm Brings Rain, Wind, and Warm..

weak high pressure providing enough subsidence and sinking air to provide ample sunshine in southern new England with a milder SW wind at the surface. This will return our temps to a more seasonal airmass of 40-45. A pleasant afternoon for most. There are more clouds in Northern New England with a cold front draped across the Canadian border. These clouds will remain in place for the rest of the day.


Joe Joyce

Sunny & Mild…Before The Clouds/Rain

With the warmer air aloft and temps now warming at the surface, after a frosty start, I expect temps to quickly warm into the 50’s and then into the 60’s inland today. Normal high is 53.


Tracking A Pre-Season Nor’easter

This is a storm which may catch some by surprise. It is going to come with strong winds at the coast, battering waves at the beaches, rain and wet snow for the Monday morning commute…It’s effects will be slow to leave.


Clouds & Cool Win The Next Few Days

Upper Level winds are steering clouds and moisture from the tropics right up the Eastern searboard into New England today. A cloudy cool overcast kind of day can be expected with temps remaining in the 40’s with cool NNE winds which are helping to push away any sort of warmth left over from yesterday.