Tim Cahill (file image)

Cahill Seeking One-Month Delay In Corruption Trial

Lawyers for former Massachusetts Treasurer Timothy Cahill are asking for a one-month delay in his public corruption trial to give them more time to prepare their case.



Massachusetts Lottery Celebrates Record $981 Million Profit

State Treasurer Steven Grossman said Tuesday that the lottery pulled in an estimated $981 million in net profit during the state fiscal year that ended June 30.


Frank Basile has won more than $300,000 in the Mass. Lottery

Mass. Lottery Winners Accused Of Welfare Fraud

Investigators say at least two big time lottery winners are bilking the state out of thousands in public benefits.


Defective Mass. Lottery ticket.

Lottery Ticket Misprint Fools Man Into Thinking He Was A Millionaire

The ticket had three red words which equals a million dollars on the prize key ,but luck never came to the customer because the ticket was defective.


Victoria Flett of Reading claimed the $250,000 prize for a group of family and friends.

22-Person Group Claims $250,000 Mega Millions Prize

The group comprised of family and friends are splitting the second prize 22 ways.



Keller @ Large: What I Would Do If I Won Mega Millions

I admit, it can be kind of fun to drop a buck on a ticket and let yourself dream, even if the odds are one-in-176 million.


Bruce Campbell of Hanover and Mass. Treasurer Steve Grossman hold up the ceremonial check. (Photo Credit: Bernice Corpuz)

Hanover Plumber Wins $1,000 Per Day For Life In New Lottery Game

A 39-year-old Hanover man is the first grand prize winner of the new “Lucky for Life” lottery drawing.


(Photo Credit: Mass. State Lottery)

Lotto’s First Winning ‘$1K Per Day For Life’ Ticket Bought In Hanover

A lottery ticket sold in Massachusetts is going to bring the lucky winner $1,000 a day for life.


(Photo Credit: Mass. State Lottery)

Lucky For Life Lottery To Hold First Drawing

A New England-wide lottery in which winners get $1,000 a day for life is scheduled to hold its first drawing.


The Lottery will not release a new Red Sox scratch ticket this year.

Boston Business Journal – No New Red Sox Lottery Tickets

For the first time in seven years, the state lottery will not be issuing a new Red Sox scratch ticket.





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