Lottery Ticket

Trustee David Spillane picked up the prize at lottery headquarters in Braintree, July 2, 2015. (Photo credit: Mass. Lottery)

Third Of 4 $15 Million Lottery Tickets Claimed

There is just one more $15 million scratch lottery ticket out there somewhere in Massachusetts.


Michael Milford and his fiancée Allison Gilgun. (Photo credit: Mass. Lottery)

Second Of 4 $15 Million Lottery Tickets Claimed

For just the second time in Massachusetts Lottery history, someone has won $15 million from a scratch ticket.


Joseph and Joanne Zagam (Photo from

N. Attleboro Couple Tosses $1 Million Lottery Ticket In Trash

A North Attleborough couple has won $1 million on a scratch-off lottery ticket that they dug out of the trash after inadvertently throwing it away.


Richard Brown of Taunton. (Photo credit: Mass. Lottery)

Taunton Man Wins $1 Million Thanks To Clerk’s Lottery Mistake

A Taunton man who was given the wrong lottery ticket is a lot richer because of it.


Defective Mass. Lottery ticket.

Lottery Ticket Misprint Fools Man Into Thinking He Was A Millionaire

The ticket had three red words which equals a million dollars on the prize key ,but luck never came to the customer because the ticket was defective.


Curious About Lottery Quick Picks

Everyone dreams of hitting the lottery. For some there’s a strategy choosing numbers – birthdays, anniversaries and lucky numbers. For others,…