Carver Man Rescued After Getting Lost In Woods Behind HomeA Carver man was rescued by police Sunday night after getting lost for hours in the woods behind his home.
Bradley Jay: What Is The Coolest Thing You Have Ever Found?I always like a good finder’s keeper’s story, so went out to ask locals and visitors about their favorite finds. Click play to watch what happened.
Student's Violin Worth $172,000 Recovered At Bus FacilityA student at a Boston conservatory left a rare violin worth $172,000 on a bus after arriving in Philadelphia.
Twitter Leads Commuter Train Crew To Rider's Lost Engagement RingA woman lost her engagement ring on her ride to work Tuesday, but got it back thanks to Twitter and some sharp-eyed commuter rail workers.
Couple Lost In Danvers Corn Maze Calls Police For RescueNavigating through a maze can be a tricky thing. Some folks in Danvers found that out Monday evening.
NH Rescuers Find Mass. Hiker Lost On Mt. JacksonRescuers in New Hampshire are searching for a hiker lost near the summit of Mount Jackson amid whipping winds and blowing snow.
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