Live Music In Boston


Boston Band Review: Mellow Bravo

Combining Blues-inspired Rock with hints of soul and 70’s arena anthem, front man Keith Pierce commands the stage.

CBS Boston–03/02/2011


Boston Band Review: Endway

Are you love sick? Have you spent the day hoping that special somebody would call, knowing you can be happy if they do? Well the band Endway has the cure.

CBS Boston–02/20/2011

(credit: The New Collisions on MySpace)

Boston Band Review: The New Collisions

As you find yourself bouncing around the room in some neo-new wave dance fueled craze, you see a platinum haired siren right there with you.

CBS Boston–12/12/2010


Boston Band Review: Mean Creek

A melancholy wave has over taken the area with jabs of undulating guitar riffs and deep rooted alt/folk rhythm.

CBS Boston–10/27/2010

(credit: Paul Taverna via

Boston Band Review: The Luxury

The Luxury mesmerizes with its soaring anthem-style lyrics full of melancholy inflections and flawless hooks that scream big venue.

CBS Boston–10/26/2010

(credit: Paradise Lounge)

Boston’s Best Small Concert Venues

Get ready to dance a little, sing a little and simply enjoy your favorite music at these small venues around Boston!

CBS Boston–10/24/2010