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Report: Law School Should Be More Like Medical School

To remedy the crippling problem of underemployed young lawyers, law schools should become more like medical schools, according to a new report.


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Some Telecommuters Don’t Really Do Their Work?

A CareerBuilder survey found that one in five people who work from home spend an hour or less actually working each day.


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WFNX Changing Formats After Sale To Clear Channel?

Independent alternative rock station 101.7 WFNX is being sold to Clear Channel, it was announced Wednesday and longtime DJ’s at the Boston station were told they were out of a job.


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Facebook Worth $100 Billion?

Facebook indicated its IPO may swell, giving the company a valuation over $100 billion if the highly anticipated IPO prices at the top of its new range.


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Will Fashion Trucks Be A Hit In Boston?

At least seven mobile fashion boutiques have come forward looking for ways to legally do business on city streets, following an explosion in Boston food trucks.


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Luxury Home Sales Rise

The state’s housing recovery is proving especially kind to sellers of high-end homes.


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Demand For Gold Jewelry, Fillings Still High

Lines out the door of some shops are a daily occurrence, as customers — strapped for cash in a tough economy — turn their gold trinkets into cash.


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Local Hostess Jobs In Danger

About 300 Massachusetts jobs hang in the balance as Hostess negotiates its way out of Chapter 11 bankruptcy, according to documents filed by the company with state labor officials.


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Hoppit – The Search Engine For Restaurant Ambiance

One of the latest innovations hitting the Boston restaurant scene — a site that lets diners search for a restaurant based on its ambiance — hasn’t come from a local startup.


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New College Grads Face Slightly Brighter Job Search

The good news for emerging job graduates is hiring is on the upswing.