Former U.S. Sen. Edward W. Brooke was a liberal Republican who became the first black in U.S. history to win popular election to the Senate.  (WBZ-TV)

Edward Brooke, First Black Elected US Senator, Dies

Former U.S. Sen. Edward W. Brooke, a liberal Republican, became the first black in U.S. history to win popular election to the Senate, died Saturday. He was 95.


Liberal pundit Rachel Maddow (Photo by Ron Hoskins/Getty Images)

Opinion: Why Do The Liberals Keep Complaining?

Liberals and their ilk obviously won the executive branch of the United States government for another four years with the reelection of President Barack Obama, but they still pick fights as much as they did before the election – if not more.


An Obama supporter on election night. (Photo by John Moore/Getty Images)

Opinion: Just Biding Our Time

In no time, conservatives will be trying to hold back the smirks as these liberals slowly but surely realize what they’ve done to our country.


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Keller @ Large: Media’s Job Is Not To Reinforce Political Bias

Many people have apparently come to believe that the news media is there to carry their water, and they are upset when we fail to do so.


Dan Rea

NightSide Weekend Commentary – Is There Liberal Bias At NPR?

In this NightSide Weekend Commentary, Dan Rea says the debate over NPR’s alleged liberal bias is over.

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