Eye On Education: Boston Schools Use Legos To Teach EngineeringLegos are a standard toy for most preschool children and for 30 years, Lego Education has been using the colorful bricks to teach.
Behold: Lego David Ortiz Debuts At Fenway ParkEverything is awesome, everything is cool if you're David Ortiz.
After Years Of Saving, Lego Makes Boylston Boy's Dream A RealityA Boylston boy spent two years saving for a Lego train set. When he went to buy it, the set was out of production.
Mom Wins Essay Contest For School That Is Slated For ClosureThe beneficiary of the $5,000 prize money is the Sea Road School that is slated for closure.
Toucher & Rich's Dating On Demand: Lego LoverIt's been a long time but, today Dating On Demand returned to Toucher & Rich. The guy they found for today is named Daniel and he's 19 and is a man that loves football and...Legos.
Looking At The Law: LegoWBZ's Neil Chayet has a case against Lego.