Curious Why Lawmakers Fail To Get Much Done

The clock’s ticking for legislators on Beacon Hill. Their session ends Saturday night and there’s a lot of unfinished business. For example, there’s…


Is My Slip Showing??

     I’m not sure yet, but I think there’s a good chance I’d better get my testosterone levels checked because there’s something going on here that has me worried….about myself.     It’s this:   I think […]


Welcome to the Month of August

     So far this month, I haven’t been wrong in one single prediction and I’m going to try to maintain that perfect record for at least 31-days.   alright, so I’m starting to prepare my meal of […]


Lawmakers set date for Tax-Free weekend

Consumers are a step closer to getting a tax-free August weekend of spending in Massachusetts. Lawmakers announced a compromise Friday on an economic development bill that would let shoppers avoid paying the state’s 6.25 percent […]


Lawmakers race against clock

Massachusetts lawmakers are gearing up for a final, busy week of their formal session with several major pieces of legislation still pending.


Clock ticking on gov's to-do list

  Some of Gov. Deval Patrick’s top legislative priorities remain in limbo even as he gears up his re-election campaign.


House debates streamlining wind power plants

Massachusetts House lawmakers are weighing a bill designed to streamline the permitting process for wind energy facilities.