Leftover Patriots Thoughts

Defense Now Needs To Win Some Games And Other Leftover Patriots ThoughtsTom Brady's offense is lacking some firepower, and though the defense has been excellent through 10 games, now the pressure is really on.
Offense Awfully Ordinary Without Edelman And Other Leftover Patriots ThoughtsJulian Edelman's absence will be hard for the Patriots to overcome, plus all of the leftover thoughts from the Pats' 27-26 win.
Loss Of Dion Lewis A Major Bummer And Other Leftover Patriots ThoughtsThe Redskins-Patriots game was not one for the ages, but that doesn't mean we can't share some leftover thoughts.
Tom Brady's Preposterous Performance Hard To Put Into Perspective And Other Leftover Patriots ThoughtsWe are all doing a poor job of properly digesting what he is doing on the football field this year.
These Jets Are No Joke, But Neither Is Gronkowski, And Other Leftover Patriots ThoughtsThe Jets are a team to be taken seriously, but they still couldn't handle the Patriots.
Colts Run Single Worst Play In NFL History And Other Leftover Patriots ThoughtsI honestly do not know how we're supposed to sit down and discuss this game, all the while pretending like the single worst play in NFL history didn't just happen!
Defense Does The Job In Dallas And Other Leftover Patriots ThoughtsThe 30-6 victory would have looked a lot different if the defense had let up even one bit in Dallas.
Tom Brady's Offense As Lethal As Ever And Other Leftover Patriots ThoughtsWe can't move on from JAGS WEEK! without emptying out all of the leftover Patriots thoughts.
Tom Brady Finds New Ways To Impress And Other Leftover Patriots ThoughtsShould we still be surprised at Tom Brady doing something incredible?
Mike Tomlin's Headset Rage Covers Up Steelers' Failures And Other Leftover Patriots ThoughtsWhen you lose a football game and you'd prefer your home fans focus on perceived wrongdoing instead of your own failures, then Foxboro is the perfect place to be. That's just a way of life.
Julian Edelman's Relentless Determination Made The Difference And Other Leftover Patriots ThoughtsThese might be the best (or worst?) leftover thoughts of all time!
Bill Belichick Looks Relaxed And Other Leftover Super Bowl Media Day ThoughtsMuch like press conferences called by Belichick and Kraft, I'm calling for an impromptu Leftover Patriots Thoughts: Media Day Edition.
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