(Courtesy: State Auditor's office)

Engineer: State’s Unsafe Dams Are ‘Potential Time Bombs’

Lawmakers have being urged to take quick action to remove unsafe, abandoned and obsolete dams that threaten public safety or wildlife habitats in Massachusetts.


Massachusetts State House in Boston (credit: AP)

Patrick, Lawmakers Take Small Pay Cut

Lawmakers in Massachusetts are taking a small pay cut and that includes Gov. Deval Patrick.


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'Curious:' Should Lawmakers Get Paid To Commute?

A lot of people say “wouldn’t it be nice?” Wouldn’t it be nice to get paid to commute to work, because that’s just what our state lawmakers get. Their…


Gov. stands firm on casino bill

Gov. Deval Patrick is standing firm on the casino bill and says he will not sign the bill passed in the Massachusetts Senate 25-15 last night.