I-Team: Drivers Upset After Paying Excessive Tobin Bridge Fees Just Before Amnesty ProgramThousands of drivers took advantage of a June amnesty program that forgave enormous toll fines racked up for trips across the Tobin Bridge.
Credit Card AgreementsIt is the fine print in the credit card document that spells out all of the fees.
About Your DebtLast week we talked about getting your act together at every stage in your life. This week I thought we could spend some time discussing credit.
Paying Off Debt In 2015According to Fidelity's annual Financial Resolutions Study about 20% of those making financial resolutions are serious about paying off debt.
How To Properly Manage DebtIf you are serious about getting out of debt, first you need to know how much debt you have.
About Your Debt And How To Manage ItThe latest Federal Reserve numbers from January has revolving consumer debt at $851 billion dollars.
Managing Credit: DebtDebt is the number one issue folks want to talk about wherever I go.
New Year’s Resolutions: Manage DebtMany consumers do not know exactly how much debt they actually have.
Money Matters - Managing Credit: Credit Card StatementApril is Financial Literacy month and I thought we could spend some time discussing money skills.