Lara Logan

Aerosmith lead singer Steven Tyler. (Image courtesy: '60 Minutes')

Aerosmith’s Tyler Tells 60 Minutes: ‘Yeah, I’m That Good’

Steven Tyler says he is the reason that Aerosmith has been so successful all these years.


Jon Keller

Keller @ Large: Pitiful Saga Of Nir Rosen

Perhaps you’re already aware of the pitiful saga of Nir Rosen, an alleged journalist who reacted to the brutal attack on Lara Logan with a series of comments mocking her on Twitter.


CBS News released this photo of Lara Logan, showing her moments before she was attacked in Egypt. (Photo: CBS News)

Keller @ Large: Lessons From The Lara Logan Attack

Learning of the brutalization of CBS News reporter Lara Logan on assignment in Cairo fills every decent person with a sense of horror and disgust.