I-Team: City Taking Drastic Legal Action Against Boston LandlordCity officials may take control of buildings owned by a Boston landlord they consider the worst of the worst.
Upton Landlord Charged With Spying On Female Tenants Free On $5,000 BailThe landlord accused on spying on his two tenants through a camera hidden in a bathroom vent, was arraigned Thursday in Milford District Court.
Accused Peeping Tom Landlord Ordered To Stay Away From His Upton HomeThe landlord accused of secretly recording his upstairs tenants through a heating vent, was arraigned Wednesday in Milford District Court.
College Move-In Weekend, Menino Proposes New Rental Office To Target SlumlordsWith the annual college move-in weekend in full swing in Boston, Mayor Menino is proposing revamping the city's rental ordinance.