Lance Armstrong Admits Doping To OprahLance Armstrong confessed to using performance-enhancing drugs to win the Tour de France during an interview with Oprah Winfrey, reversing more than a decade of denial.
Local Cancer Survivors Stand By Armstrong After Doping ConfessionLance Armstrong is trying to rehabilitate his crumbling public image. But his legacy of goodwill is doing some of that work for him.
Oprah Tells CBS Lance Armstrong Admitted Doping Oprah Winfrey confirmed Tuesday that Lance Armstrong came clean to her about his use of performance-enhancing drugs during their 2 1/2 hour interview Monday.
Source: Lance Armstrong Tells Oprah He DopedA person familiar with the situation says Lance Armstrong confessed to Oprah Winfrey during an interview Monday that he used performance-enhancing drugs to win the Tour de France.
Report: Lance Armstrong To Admit To Doping In Oprah Interview Lance Armstrong plans to admit to doping throughout his career during an upcoming interview with Oprah Winfrey, USA Today reported late Friday.
Report: Lance Armstrong Considers Possible Doping ConfessionThe New York Times reported Friday that Lance Armstrong, who has strongly denied the doping charges that led to him being stripped of his seven Tour de France titles, has told associates he is considering admitting to the use of performance-enhancing drugs.
Tufts Rescinds Lance Armstrong's Honorary DoctorateTufts University’s Board of Trustees has unanimously voted to rescind an honorary degree given to Lance Armstrong.
Lance Armstrong The Latest Example Of Why Sports Are No Place For HeroesNow, Lance Armstrong is just a fraud.