A 1977 Quick Curl Ken doll stands next to Barbie in this studio portrait. (Photo courtesy of Mattel/Newsmakers)

Keller @ Large: Ken & Barbie & Valentine’s Day

Romantic love is wonderful at any age, but when you’re young and experiencing it for the first time, that’s something special.


Jared Loughner (AP Photo)

Curious About Arizona Shooter Charges

The Arizona shooter is being charged with 2 counts of murder and one attempted murder. Why isn’t he being charged with the other 4 murders? – Dave, Warren


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Curious About Old Flames On Facebook

I’m curious as to why people make the mistake of getting in touch with an old boyfriend/girlfriend on Facebook? – Katie, Gardner


Christmas Spirit

It’s The Most Wonderful Time…..

Hello all. Just a note to tell you I’ll be on vacation for the next week or so. As a result this blog might be quiet until I get back.


Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

It’s Only Rock and Roll

I’m curious as to how people get voted into the rock and roll hall of fame but they do not play rock and roll? I mean Donna Summer – she’s a great singer but is certainly not rock and roll. Neil Diamond? C’mon…what about Kiss or Rush? Maybe they should just make a music hall of fame. – Katie Schultz



Hey Census People…What About My Town?

What is the U.S. Census data for my hometown? – Cheryl, Gloucester


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The Cost of (2) Wars

With all the talk about the national debt, deficit spending and proposed cuts/taxes, I am curious about how much the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are costing us – total amount so far, and this year alone. Seems nobody is reporting this anymore. – Eagles, Ashland


(credit: MARK RALSTON/AFP/Getty Images)

Unemployment Cut Off

Are the unemployed going to receive another extension or are they going to have to wait for Washington to stop bickering and playing politics again? – Ron, Leominster


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Alice’s Restaurant

I’m curious how many people are going to listen to “Alice’s Restaurant” on Thanksgiving day? – Ken, WBZ-TV


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Why Thanksgiving Thursday?

Why is Thanksgiving always on a Thursday and who came up with the idea of always having it on a Thursday? – Tina, Charlton