9-Year-Old Boy Called For Jury Duty On CapeA third-grader in West Yarmouth was called for jury duty on the Cape – and he didn’t like it.
Curious About Being Picked For Jury DutyI am just curious about the process of selecting citizens for jury duty when the MAjury.gov website states they are "randomly chosen" and for the past 21 years I have been chosen every three years almost to the exact same date! I have many friends who have never been summoned for jury duty. Why not give them a chance to be part of the system and fulfill their civic obligation? - Joan, Holden
Mass. Courts Roll Out New Orientation Video For JurorsCitizens reporting for jury service in Massachusetts will soon be shown a new orientation video that includes commentary by actual jurors.
Application For Criminal Complaint Issued Against Man Who Died In 2006Michael Wylie has a pretty good reason for missing jury duty. He died five years ago. Now the state is going after him for skipping out on his jury service.
Money Matters - National Consumer Protection Week: Selling OnlineThinking of selling your car or some other valuable item through a classified ad or online?
Curious About Jury Duty Selection ProcessJury duty. Those two words either make you think about honor, or they make you break into a sweat. And when you hear that a cat or a baby gets called...