Big Bank Getting Rid Of Voicemail For Some EmployeesIt's an effort to save money and in recognition that voicemail is slowly being replaced by text messages and emails.
Brown: JPMorgan Should Take Back Bonus Pay For Risky TradesU.S. Sen. Scott Brown is urging JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon to take back bonuses and incentive pay from those involved in risky trading that led to a $2 billion loss.
Mass. To Get $318 Million In National Mortgage SettlementAttorney General Martha Coakley says Massachusetts borrowers will receive about $318 million from a $25 billion national settlement with lenders over foreclosure abuses.
Effects From Banks' Alleged Illegal Foreclosures Could Be Felt Across USRepercussions are coming from Thursday's massive state lawsuit against five of the country's largest banks.