A New RealityThe only reality show I have any solid time for is my own, the Jordan Rich experience that plays out daily in what else but real life.
RenderingWe got him. It took ten long years but the sworn oath to “always get our man” stills holds water.
The Write StuffCurses! War has been declared on all things cursive.
A Fan Speaks OutWell we made it through another New England winter, snow and freezing temperatures, typical for us, but now it’s time to turn our thoughts to more temperate things and what could be more heart-warming to our shivering environs than the return of major league baseball.
From the Sublime…I scratch at my slowly graying temples these days and wonder, “Where in the Good Lord’s name is this thing we call society heading?”
Traffic WoesThe stats on traffic are in, with no big surprise.
Grand DesignThe last time we sat down for an interview, best-selling author Harlan Coben reminded me about one of his favorite expressions.
Just A TingeThere is so much injustice in this world of ours that one is faced with a dilemma.
The Splendid SpeakerIt isn’t every day we in the voice-over community are allowed out from our studio shells, let alone get a little recognition.
Living It Up By Sitting DownWe at the family homestead are expecting a new arrival.
ListeningI was honored to receive the 2010 President’s Medal at the annual fundraising gala for Massasoit College.
Meaningless...Who Says?For most of us, there’s a certain bit of disappointment at the end of the baseball season as the local heroes clean out their lockers for the last time and head to the golf courses all too early.