Keller @ Large: Academy Award PredictionsBefore the heavy Oscar hype gets underway, I’m going to slip in my picks because I know you’ve been waiting for them.
Keller @ Large: Gov. Baker Defends Ballot Question To Expand Charter SchoolsOne of the hottest questions on the Massachusetts ballot is about expanding the number of charter schools.
Keller @ Large: Fact-Checking Clinton On TrumpThe lingering presence of Bernie Sanders notwithstanding, it's on between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.
Keller @ Large: Republicans Face Tough Battle After John Boehner's ExitBoehner's out, so what happens now?
Keller @ Large: Sometimes Golfers Just Want To GolfWhy don’t we set aside our political differences for a moment and unite in a warm Massachusetts welcome for President Obama and his family as they vacation here in our New England paradise.
Martha Coakley: 'We Made Mistakes' With Campaign FundsAttorney General Martha Coakley, who's running for governor, admitted Friday mistakes were made regarding the handling of her campaign funds.
His Name Is Professor Michael Avery...Suffolk U. Law Sorry I just couldn't resist it. My friend and colleague Jon Keller does a commentary and blog on the words of another lefty loony Law Professor and apparently it touched off quite a reaction....which is still going on, and I just couldn't control my urge to join the fray.