Keller @ Large: Ruling Raises Questions About U.S. Attorney Carmen OrtizJon says federal prosecutors have a lot of power and an obligation to use it fairly.
Appeals Court Throws Out Convictions In Probation Jobs CaseThe convictions of former state probation commissioner John O'Brien and two former deputies were overturned Monday by an appeals court, which said prosecutors failed to prove a scheme to favor politically connected job candidates was a federal crime.
In Salem, Official Chooses To Go Public With Shocking DiagnosisSouthern Essex District Register of Deeds John O'Brien was recently diagnosed with a form of dementia--and because he wants to keep doing the job he loves, he wants his constituents to know about it.
Prison Sentences Delayed For Convicted Mass. Probation OfficialsJohn O'Brien and Elizabeth Tavares were scheduled to begin their sentences on Monday but will not until their appeals are decided.
Judge Denies Sentence Delay In Probation CaseA judge has denied a request by defense attorneys to delay the start of prison sentences for two former state probation officials pending the outcome of their appeals.
Ex-Massachusetts Probation Official Gets 18 MonthsFormer Massachusetts Probation Commissioner John O'Brien has been sentenced to 18 months in federal prison.
DeLeo Claims Vindication But Slams Prosecutors In Probation Jobs CaseMassachusetts House Speaker Robert DeLeo is still seething over what he sees as the unfair smearing of his name during the trial of John O’Brien in a probations jobs scandal.
Former State Probation Commissioner John O'Brien Guilty Of RacketeeringFormer state probation commissioner John O'Brien has been found guilty in a scheme to rig the agency's hiring process to favor applicants who had the backing of powerful state legislators, often at the expense of more qualified job candidates.
Jury Weighs Mass. Probation Job-Rigging CaseIt's now up to a federal jury to decide a case that has focused attention on the patronage culture in state government in Massachusetts.
Closing Arguments Made In John O'Brien Probation Hiring Trial O'Brien, William Burke and Elizabeth Tavares are accused of trying to curry favor with powerful lawmakers by funneling jobs to politically connected applicants at the expense of more qualified candidates.
Keller @ Large: DeLeo Says Feds Unfairly Smeared Him In Probation CaseIn an exclusive interview House Speaker Robert DeLeo says the federal claims have taken a personal toll.
Speaker DeLeo: Quid Pro Quo Claim ‘Inaccurate & Inflammatory’Massachusetts House Speaker Robert DeLeo is strongly denying claims made by prosecutors at the federal trial of the state's former probation commissioner that DeLeo traded jobs for votes.