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Energy Analyst: $2.50 A Gallon Gas This Summer ‘Very Possible’

“If we got down to $75 on crude oil, you would see a U.S. national average of say, $2.50 a gallon. I think it’s very possible,” John Kilduff told WBZ NewsRadio 1030.


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Oil Industry Analyst: Local Gas Prices Could Soar To $4.50 A Gallon

With gas prices up more than 30 cents in a month in Massachusetts, $4 a gallon gas will be coming soon and it could get worse, according to an oil industry analyst.


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Oil Industry Analyst: Local Gas Prices Could Soon Be As Bad As California

New England could be the new California when it comes to gas prices, according to oil industry analyst John Kilduff.


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Analyst: No Straight Line When It Comes To Figuring Out Gas Prices

John Kilduff says concerns about Iran account for much of the price we’re playing at the gas pump.


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Heating Oil Likely To Hover Around $4 Per Gallon This Winter

Many Bay State residents use heating oil and this year, it won’t be cheap. Prices will likely remain in the $4 per gallon range.


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$4 A Gallon Gas A Possibility Again

We’ve been warned by the experts that the price of everything is going up, including gasoline.


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Expert Predicts Oil Prices Will Skyrocket

Oil industry analyst John Kilduff tells WBZ News Radio he thinks gas prices will go as high as $4 a gallon as we head into the colder months.