John In Medford

DA Podcast: Tiger's Presser

Bruins lose in overtime Washington – but there might be more sliver linings than you think in the loss. DA on Tiger’s presser today at the Masters – which created more questions than answers. And […]


DA Podcast: Bruins Lack of Response to Savard's Concussion

Why didn’t the Bruins respond to the dirty hit on Savard? DA says its emblamatic of the season – Bob Beers on whether the B’s should have abided by the code on the ice – and […]


D.A. vs The Gates BBQ guy

Yep, I wore a top hat a tux to John in Medford’s cable access show. Does that make me crazy? Only if you don’t appreciate the attire of two centuries ago roaming TV studios in […]


D.A. Podcast: B’s Win & 1st Cable Access Audio

D.A. weighs in on Chiarelli’s interview with Felger and Mazz after the deadline. The B’s get their first win at the Garden since LAST YEAR… and the Jets defense just got better. Which is scary. […]


Doctor Says: Audio from John in Medford is Here

John “The Kid” Byers has always been known for his brutal honesty and hard hitting questions. Is what he has to say always nice? No. But are we hungry for his insight? You bet we […]


Doctor Says: DA on John In Medford's Show

First came the presentation of a 200 year old tuxedo and bow tie. Then, shocking many on hand, I presented the top hat, that has become a tradition in my family of medical doctors, to […]


DA on John in Medford's Cable Access TV Show

Tune in tonight for the complete recap of this major broadcasting milestone.


D.A. on the John in Medford Show

Tuesday night at 7:00p D.A. reaches the big time: John in Medford’s cable access show on TV3. It’s live at this link starting at 7. DA will join the show at 7:30p. If you miss […]