Too Much Stuff....Incredibly Incriminating, Disgusting STUFF !!! When he referred to those "damn Catholics who are holy on Sunday and holy hell the rest of the week" can you imagine if he referred to those damn Jews...or those damn Muslims? Hell they would have fired and lynched him by now...but "it's ok"...the Catholics can take it.
Felger: Comparing BU To Penn State Is Ridiculous, Ludicrous, UnfairStop with the Penn State comparison. That is ludicrous.
Former Coach: Bill O'Brien Is The 'Right Man For Penn State'Endicott head coach J.B. Wells coached Bill O'Brien at Brown University, and said "if anyone can get Penn State through this, it's Bill."
Gresh & Zo: Penn State Football Will SurviveGresh and Zolak discussed the sanctions handed down by the NCAA on Penn State on Monday. Topics include whether the right people were punished, and how the program will recover.
NCAA Sanctions Against PSU: $60 Million Fine, 4-Year Bowl Ban, Vacate Wins From 1998-2011The NCAA has just announced sanctions against Penn State’s football program for the alleged cover-up of the Jerry Sandusky sexual abuse scandal.
Keidel: Penn State's PerilCBS Local's Jason Keidel weighs in on the Penn State fiasco.
Keller @ Large: Joe Paterno Statue Should Remain StandingAs you’ve probably heard by now, there’s a lot of justifiable outrage over a report documenting the role the late Joe Paterno played in covering up the pedophile scandal at Penn State.
Red Sox Back Away From Bill James' Paterno RemarksThe Boston Red Sox are distancing themselves from comments made by adviser Bill James about Joe Paterno and the sexual abuse scandal at Penn State.
Wow! It"s Been A Month & I Need To Purge.....Coach Sandusky may be one of the worst scumbags in history and should never see the light of day again but Penn State, glad to see you were smart enough to remove the "halo" from Coach Paterno's mural facade on campus and the next thing you might do is remove the statue as well.
Keller @ Large: The Grotesque Misprioritizing At Penn StateThe difference between decent people and the Penn State brass is that they valued the reputation of their workplace and their football program – and, apparently, the feelings of their buddy the child rapist – above the safety of children.
Felger & Mazz: What's Next For Penn State?Felger and Massarotti opened the day discussing the Penn State Scandal and the future of the program.
Gresh & Zo: Should Penn State Get The Death Penalty?On Thursday's show Gresh and Zo discuss whether or not Penn State deserves to get the death penalty for the way the university mishandled the Jerry Sandusky situation.