Joe Montana

Joe Montana Calls DeflateGate 'Funny'Tom Brady grew up idolizing Joe Montana, so he'll be happy to see Montana's comments about DeflateGate over the weekend.
Tom Brady Will Be On Field For Super Bowl 50, No Matter WhatTom Brady will be on the field for Super Bowl 50, no matter what happens to his New England Patriots.
Chris Simms Says John Elway Better Than Tom BradyWhat's with this guy Chris Simms?
Montana Says Brady Ordered DeflateGate, But No Big DealJoe Montana was Tom Brady's idol growing up, so hopefully the Patriots quarterback doesn't see Montana's take on the "DeflateGate" controversy ahead of Sunday's Super Bowl.
Ranking Peyton Manning's 'Legacy' Among All-Time QBsThere will always be arguments about the best quarterbacks of all time. Here's a statistical look that might help settle it.
Top 5 Moments In Super Bowl HistoryA great Super Bowl moment for one fan is a crushing blow for another. Check out these top 5.
Keidel: Final Chapter In Manning Vs. Brady?No matter who has the edge Sunday, it seems the nation is rooting for Manning, because it's been harder for him to win, because he's not so pretty, because he's considered one of us, because you get the sense that his aw-shucks, southern refrain is real.
Felger & Mazz: Joe Montana vs. Tom BradyOne caller drew the ire of Marc Bertrand when he said that Tom Brady will never be as good as Joe Montana, because Joe Cool went undefeated in his four Super Bowl appearances...wait what?
Chiefs Might Be Getting Healthy Again At Just The Right TimeInjuries slowed down the Kansas City Chiefs in the second half of the NFL season, but now they are much healthier as the playoffs approach.
Tom Brady On Verge Of Reaching Some Stunning Postseason RecordsSet aside some time and enjoy the ride -- you will be reliving these games for decades to come. Asks Is Tom Brady The Greatest Quarterback Ever?When the discussion of Tom Brady being the best QB of all time reaches the national level, you know the argument becomes a bit more valid.
Some Unique Patriots Fans In IndyIn the masses of Colts fans and those that dislike the Patriots in Indianapolis, there is a Peyton Manning fan that also loves Tom Brady.
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