Aaron Hernandez's Lawyer Asks To Question Anonymous TipsterA lawyer for former New England Patriots player Aaron Hernandez is asking a judge to let him question under oath a woman who called him anonymously and raised questions about a member of the jury that convicted his client of murder.
Hernandez Lawyer Makes Deflategate Joke During Murder TrialA lighter moment during the murder trial of former New England Patriots player Aaron Hernandez came when one of his lawyers made a joke about Deflategate.
Hernandez Lawyers Protest Live-Streaming Of Court Conversations With ClientLawyers said that during two July hearings, a private conversation between them and with Aaron Hernandez were streamed live over the Internet.
Hernandez Financial Situation In Question; Attorneys File MotionAttorneys for Aaron Hernandez have filed a motion in court to give him some time to fix his financial situation so he can continue to pay his defense team.