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Crowds at Pax East (Photo from Carl Stevens)

Massive Crowds Converge On South Boston For PAX East Convention

Tens of thousands of video game enthusiasts are converging on South Boston this weekend for one of the largest digital game conventions in the country.


PAX East

PAX East Will Stay In Boston For At Least 10 More Years

75,000 people are expected to attend the three-day video game event in April.


(credit: CBS)

I-Team OUI Investigation Leads To Plans For New Liquor Law

A state lawmaker is vowing to take action in the wake of an I-Team investigation, saying he plans to file legislation barring convicted drunk drivers from holding liquor licenses in Massachusetts.



I-Team: Repeat Drunk Driver In Trouble Again

A repeat drunk driver caught by the I-Team driving without a license may be in hot water with Boston licensing officials and local police.



I-Team: Repeat Drunk Driver Drives Without License

When people are caught driving drunk over and over again, the state usually cracks down, taking away their license to drive. But what happens if they keep driving anyway?