It Happens Here: The Boston Marathon Route, Home Of The Military RelayThe Boston Marathon marks the 100th anniversary of its most unusual marathon: the Military Relay of 1918. Here’s how it happened.
It Happens Here: Hopkinton, Home Of The Boston Marathon Start LineWhy on earth is the Boston Marathon start line where it is? It’s actually an interesting history lesson, and King Edward VII may be to blame.
It Happens Here: Webster, Home Of 'Webster Lake'Breana Pitts finds out how Webster Lake’s "real name" came to be and why it is so meaningful for the people who live around it.
It Happens Here: The Underground Railroad Through Beacon HillBeacon Hill served as a metaphorical beacon for those escaping the bonds of slavery. The Underground Railroad traveled through the winding alleys in Boston.
It Happens Here: Cambridgeport & The Off Ramp To NowhereIn the 1960s, a small group mobilized to stand up for their neighborhood. It’s a literal story about the little guy fighting City Hall.
It Happens Here: Whitman, Home Of The Chocolate Chip CookieThe story of the cookie's invention isn’t as straightforward as you may think.
It Happens Here: Christmas Lights In SaugusGet in the holiday spirit with this trip to the Lynn Fells Parkway, and learn how the Christmas light phenomenon got its start.
It Happens Here: Peabody Coffee Shop Is Breaking BarriersChris McKinnon brings us to Breaking Grounds, where they provide community and job training for people with mental disabilities.
It Happens Here: Dorchester Grapples With Rapid ChangeA look at how Dot residents are fighting to preserve the neighborhood’s diversity and quality of life as it faces a huge wave of change and development.
It Happens Here: Back Bay Owes Its Beginnings To NeedhamSee how Back Bay landmarks like The Public Garden and Kenmore Square got their start all thanks to Needham.
It Happens Here In Middleboro, Home Of The CranberrySee how the bitter red berry got its humble start and how eating Craisins is a great way to support local farmers.
It Happens Here In Leominster, Birthplace Of Johnny AppleseedIt happens here in Leominster: they celebrate the legend of Johnny Appleseed in his hometown, but who was he really?