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Jay Talking: 'Danger! Landmines!'Getting out of the car for a stretch on a road trip in Northern Israel provides bit of a surprise?
Bradley Jay: 'Being Inside Sniper Range Of A Hezbollah Compound Made Me Nervous.'A quick zoom clip of a Hezbollah compound I shot on a recent trip to Israel/Lebanon border. I didn't stick around long.
Israel: Shouted Down In The Muslim QuarterA group of Muslim women see me and decide to make a statement...Loudly!
Storm In The Holy LandPart one in this ten-part series of travel moments takes you to the biblical Akko, and the storm-wracked Mediterranean.
Kraft, NFL Hall Of Famers Travel To Israel On Goodwill MissionPatriots owner Robert Kraft is hosting 19 NFL Hall of Famers on a mission to boost pro football overseas.
NightSide - Checking In With Israeli Public Radio With Eran Singer
Bradley Jay: "This Is What It Is Like To be A Mom In Israel."An Israeli woman explains how difficult it is to be a mom in a place where you have to always be ready to scoop up your kids and get to a bomb shelter.
NightSide Weekend Commentary - Obama And Netanyahu
Jay Talking: "Life Under The Iron Dome In Israel"Imagine enemy rockets flying over your home or workplace and being shot down before your very eyes.
Bradley Jay: West Roxbury Man Chooses Life In The Danger Zone.This is part two of a three part interview with Dave Silverman, a West Roxbury native who moved to Israel to escape local anti-Semitism and fell in love with the "Land Of Milk And Honey." The interview is shot on Mt. Zion, within view if the walls of the old City of Jerusalem.
Bradley Jay: West Roxbury Man Makes Life In The Holy LandDave Silverman was a troubled young man from West Roxbury who experienced verbal and physical anti-Semitic abuse.
Jay Talking: Israel Jordan Slide ShowIf you could take only one big trip in your life, I would recommend Israel and Jordan.